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How did you find out about NRJ?

If you chose "other" how/ where did you find out about NRJ?

How long have you been a reader of #NRJ?

How often do you read #NRJ?

How do you find out about new posts?

If you chose "other" how do you find out about new NRJ posts?

What are your favorite posts to read?

What posts are your least favorite?

Do you like the frequency of the posts?

Have you made a purchase after reading a product review on NRJ?

What topic would you like to see me write more about?

(i.e. Behind the scenes of NRJ, Posts About Blogging, Time Management, Decor, Style, Etc.)
What's the one thing in your life you've been struggling with for months that you can't seem to find the solution for?

Like time management, goal setting, taking a leap of faith, saving money, etc.
What's your biggest goal for this year?

i.e. buying my first home, saving $5k, getting out of debt, taking a trip out of the country, etc.
What's your favorite social media platform?

What social media platform do you use to keep up with #NRJ?

What's your favorite way to consume content?

Are you a fan of seeing behind the scenes of NRJ?

Feel free to share any additional comments with me here!

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